Wizzer Carnival Ride Rental

Wizzer Carnival Ride Rental

    • Actual Size: 30x30
    • Setup Area: 30x20
    • Age Group: 5& up
    • Attendants: 1

    • $500.00
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Wizzer Carnival Ride

2 hour rental with additional hours @ $100 ea.
How fast can you go? THe Wizzer Carnival Ride seats 4 participants who work together under their own power to spin round & round. The faster they pull, the faster they spin! We gaurantee plenty of laughs to go around- pun intended. As the Wizzer comes to a stop and the participants exit the ride, then its the spectators turn to get their laughs as they watch the players try to walk straight! Check the video out below!

* NO power needed- 4 human power!
*One ABT Event Leader   *safety perimeter fencing  * NC State inspection
Requirements: 30'x20' area, 42" minimum height, 200lb max per seat